Meatless Monday: Quick & Easy Plant Based Food Ideas

There are so many ways to get in your vegan "fast foods" with out packing in the calories. This week on meatless Monday I want to talk about easy ways to get food in your belly without having to spend hours in the kitchen making scrumptious vegan food or taking a rip through a drive though and packing in some bad calories. 

Meatless Monday: How to Stock you Pantry for Plant Based Eating

The trick to staying on track with plant based eating is a well stocked supply source. This week I discuss what I think are the best things to have on hand for plant based/vegan cooking.


  In all my years of blogging I have never, ever really touched on the vegan thing. Actually if you know me in real life you would know that it just is a thing that I don't really discuss. I think that peoples food journeys are really a person thing. I honestly hate confrontation and … Continue reading VEGAN LIFE