Is there a price tag on your freedom?

There is a lot swirling in my head today. I meanĀ  - a lot. It's like have a million tabs open and being so excited to dive into all of them but I can't pay attention long enough to read a full article and I just keep opening new tabs. That's how I feel today. … Continue reading Is there a price tag on your freedom?

What’s the actual cost?

Financial Literacy. What - the actual - fuck?! Do any of you even believe this phrase is a regular part of my vocabulary these days? Are you financially literate? Do your bill payments, car payment or mortgages own you? Or have you taken control and showed that ass who is boss? What the fuck does … Continue reading What’s the actual cost?

Mo’Money #1

Okay since my initial (but actually I bitch about this all the time) post I have realized I want to be one of those crazy fools that power through paying of my loans. It might happen, it might not - but right now I am feeling hopefully as fuck. This is an update of things … Continue reading Mo’Money #1