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You might know this about me but you also might not:


There I said it, I am obsessed with the tiny house movement. I am super interested in alternative housing which is  broad category of tiny houses, micro homes, yurts, RV’s, van life, earth ships and anything else you can really think. I love them. I love the idea of not doing what society tells you and using your creativity to build a dwelling the suits exactly what you, the owner, needs.

This obsession started way back while studying architecture technology.  Most of my submissions for things where alternative structures. I just refused to see housing the way the typical home builder in ALBERTA  did. The infill situation.

Last year around this time I headed South to North Carolina to attend the tiny house conference. I met some amazing tiny house loving people.  Sadly I won’t be attending this year even though it’s in my dream city Portland which is SO MUCH CLOSER to Edmonton AND full of vegans!  It just isn’t in the works because of my commitment to debt reduction. If you haven’t figured it out yet – every thing this year will be about debt reduction.

4 reasons I am in love with alternative housing:

  1. Minimalism; for a lot of years I let my stuff own me. It defined me. It was me. I had boxes of stuff that I carted around home to home never opening. Sometimes living (the stuff living) in other peoples basements. Then in a huge life shift while living in Montreal – I cleaned it all out. When I finally moved from Montreal I had cleaned out past life baggage. It is liberating to get rid of things you don’t need.
  2. Financial impact; I live in a studio apartment. It is a dream. Tiny living without a tiny house. For me living tiny is part of a full package of Carol intentions to achieve a goal but also the less I spend on living, the more I can spend on traveling. The more I can power through my student loans – the more likely the dream of one day no longer have student loans will become a reality. It is a long way to freedom but every bit counts and that included a cheap, small space and spending well below my 30% on housing.
  3. Living Smaller to Live Larger; I will just say it again. The less my monthly experiences are the more I can spend on trips, hair dye, tattoos and debt repayment, retirement saving, blog stuff or what ever else I want. My house doesn’t make me happy. All the other things do.
  4. Environmental Impact; We are actively and knowingly destroying the planet. I care. I want my footprint to be less.  Smaller space, smaller footprint. It is that simple.

Are you an alternative housing lover? Are you into the tiny house movement? How did you get there? What is your drive?

I have a journal from forever ago that I made a label for that says “couch tour of North America” before couchsurfing was a things, before #vanlife was cool- I have for a long time just felt like gypsy was the way to go.  I am a nomad at heart. I think I might always be.

What is your tiny house dream?











2AM YouTube Lesson

Yesterday night in my haze of 2 am YouTube watching I stumbled onto some minimalist wardrobe videos. I am clearly already hooked.  I was watching one of Sarah Nourse’s videos when she said something that resonated with me at my core. The premise was simple. Her and her husband were getting into minimalism. They had downsized and sold a bunch of things for their apartment that they were not using and had money to go thrifting for a new wardrobe. What she said stuck …

She was trying to re-brand herself by only buying a certain type of clothing in a certain aesthetic for her wardrobe. 

Black, Grey or Navy attire.


It is so simple yet so so refreshing.  I’m sold.

And that was it friends, it was in that moment at 2:45 AM that I started thinking about my closet and the things that are in it. I immediately started thinking about things that have been hanging in there for awhile that I just don’t reach for anymore or clothing that I purchased 6 months ago and haven’t worn yet. And I started thinking about what is in my closet and realized that it is time for another donation. Just in time for the holidays. In my rush for work this morning I grabbed two eyesores and dropped them in the bin with the 3 pairs of shoes that were already there.

YouTube had me thinking about minimalism and trying to create a simple yet effective life with all the things I want – I want to focus more on the fun and travel and creative stuff  and less on the things that just don’t matter. For the first time in a really really long time I feel like I am moving in the right direction.

And Breathe.


The Skinny.

It had been a SUPER CRAZY BUSY last month!

So my posting or lack there of … was not intentional and not the way I wanted to kick start this blog. That being said – we get busy, right?!

I thought it most fitting that I just give you the skinny on all the crazy amazing things that are in the works:

Way back in April I met a new friend/business partner at an event I attended. We are both creative balls of amazing and started work right away on this amazing conference. Back in early August I went to Richmond, Virginia to plan. The Alternative Housing Summit has taken a life of it’s own and it is turning into everything we want it to be. You should totally check us out on all the cool places – Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. Follow, Share and love!

I moved! Since moving to Edmonton this is my third home. I stared out in the north with my sister, which was totally a transition into a central roommate situation. But – this time came ….and here we are – I finally moved into my own studio. Moving when you own a FIAT is just as difficult as it sounds. It was a journey, lots of trips and because I am crazy independent. A lot of trips. Then begins the setting up, buying IKEA, the hell of setting up IKEA and life in general.

As none of my side project make money  – they are passions products, I need to work full time and then some. It is trade show season and work has been crazy. Stressful. And full tilt ahead till Christmas.

I jumped right into a weight loss journey and am trying to conquer 25lbs by December 25th … So this requires, meal prep and planning and meticulous life of food-centric craziness. And cooking, lots and lots of home cooking.

I have been daunted and excited by an over dose of social media … for everything! Personal life, work life, 3 Instagrams, 2 Facebooks, 2 Twitters, plus Snapchat, Etsy, Pinterest. So many things to manage and yet so much love.

But seriously, things are starting to settle, life is getting back into swing and I have lots of cool things up my sleeve. I am currently working on a series about teaching English abroad (so if you have any questions – comment below so I can cover them) and also how I managed all the travel being broke as fuck. Plus a series of some sort on creating a massive event. Creative living. And living the travel dream. I have book reviews on entrepreneurs and travel trips coming down the line.



Stay Tuned, Stay Connected, Stay Sassy!





This week is incredible busy for me. I am in Virginia, USA and out of my normal routine. Doing other things. Working on different stuff. Trying things from a new angle.

While trying to cram in the most amount of amazing as possible it has really occurred to me the amount of choices we have in North America. Just yesterday I was in Whole Food Market and discovered like 30 different kinds of Larabars. I was excited yes, overwhelmed – indeed! I am not sure that is just in the USA but my point is … everytime we leave our houses we are bombarded with choice. We are assaulted with the many options that make us a “freedom filled” society. But it occurred to me  – are the amount of choices that are available to us at a benefit to our sanity. Or is there a dark side to choices?

Is all the choice causing us anxiety?

In my never ending search for talented online businesses that revolve around social media I find a million you-tubers making “what I eat in a day” videos or “how I plan my life” videos or “where to find vegan food” ideas. We have a choice of who entertains us on the big scene,  we choose what we listen to, we choose what to read.

So with out doubt – there must be a complete understanding that we choose our life!

We choose our path and we choose what sort of people, music, and knowledge that occupies our mind space  – we choose to shape our world from the options given to us.

Just curious – what kind of choices are you making to cultivate the life you want?











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