Acting The Part To Manifest Your Life

Do you ever see the vision of yourself and then all the sudden intrinsically understand why things are not working the way you want? Like you all the sudden one day understand how destructive your habits are to your sucess?

Manifesting Amazing

There are a myriad of people on your life journey. In this particular instance (that of manifestation) there are two types; those that believe they can manifest things and those that don't. I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking, truly believing that you are worthy of something and then letting the … Continue reading Manifesting Amazing

What’s in a Carol?

Have you ever put your name into a search engine - just to see what kind of person you are? Or better what kind of person people perceive you to be? What comes up when people are looking at you before that job interview? What sort of social media online presence does the world see … Continue reading What’s in a Carol?