words. branding. online badassery.

The fabulous world of the big bad web is all about buying into someone else's product. If they have something you think you need and they have caught your eye, they have sold themselves and their product. When you see what they are selling and think: “fuck yeah, that is going to work for me?"  … Continue reading words. branding. online badassery.

Self Help: Are We Really That Broken?

Why do we let the world tell us that we need to fix ourselves? I confess that lately I have been obsessed with Mark Manson. I know I come with a ball of baggage in my life. Don’t we all?  I mean social media kind of makes us all think that everyone else is perfect … Continue reading Self Help: Are We Really That Broken?

The bag of burritos I needed.

Truth: Even though I had a fairly great job situation in Calgary post SAIT I quit my job and moved to Montreal. I transferred with Starbucks to get me started and took my boho looking, dreadlock sporting self to the city of liberty and freedom and decided it was about time I make a life … Continue reading The bag of burritos I needed.