Today is Strange.

I am literally having the strangest day ever. Let me paint the picture for you:  It is about 430pm on a Monday – I am sitting in my car - a 2013 FIAT 500 2 door, hatchback - in Nose Hill Park in Calgary, overlooking the city – it is a pretty nice fall day.  … Continue reading Today is Strange.


Lately I have been reading all sorts of books that I need time to think about, not like your typical fiction stuff that you can just plow through but the non fiction stuff that maybe you want to slow down and think about - process if you will. Finally this last pairing I got into … Continue reading I AM WILLING.

Self Help: Are We Really That Broken?

Why do we let the world tell us that we need to fix ourselves? I confess that lately I have been obsessed with Mark Manson. I know I come with a ball of baggage in my life. Don’t we all?  I mean social media kind of makes us all think that everyone else is perfect … Continue reading Self Help: Are We Really That Broken?

If I do this, then I get to do that …

I have finally gone and done it. I booked my appointment for the full extraction of my last two wisdom teeth. On May 29th I will finally get to tick this big thing off my list of health issues I need to deal with before I can think about my next move. Actually it isn't … Continue reading If I do this, then I get to do that …