How to Rule Your World? #grounded: 3 months later …

I am the captain of my world - it's time to step up to bat & this is how I am reshaping my mindset.

Listing Out my Creative Projects to Give You Inspiration to Work on The Things You Always Dreamed Possible … #inthistogether

I have noticed I am not the only one struggling to work on my creative stuff. But ... I also can't help but feel like this is a gift from the universe. A gift of time to work on anything I ever thought would be a fun creative job.

#grounded: a blog series [Day 3 &4 …]

I go through phases of productivity and fear. I go through the gauntlet of thoughts - like I guess it is time to figure out my life.

#grounded: Day 2

Last night I drank. I wouldn't say excessively but a few glasses of  red wine and then a couple rum cream/espresso vodkas .... I definitely had an Advil, and other vitamins to try and curb a hangover before bed. Because let's face it - I don't actually drink very often and that kind of alcohol … Continue reading #grounded: Day 2

#grounded: Day 1

Well it is probably going to be a hot minute before I see another sunset in Puerto Vallarta and not because it is almost the end of my Mexico flying season but because starting today  - April 1st, 2020 - I am officially on a "leave of absence" (aka voluntarily laid off) from my work. I … Continue reading #grounded: Day 1