Setting Boundaries

If there is one thing that I find incredibly difficult it is setting boundaries with people. Second to that is properly expressing my feelings when they are hurt. I am a HIGHLY sensitive human. Sensitive to the point that something that happened months ago can boil up and hurt me at an unsuspecting time. I … Continue reading Setting Boundaries

2019: Bucket Lists & Tangible Goals

Location: Cancun, Mexico Currently Eating/Breakfast: Mexican Doritos with cilantro guacamole and a light coke (weight watchers fail) Smokes: Zero (but it is still early) It is actually really nice in Cancun today. It is 27C but the sun isn't shinning bright and it doesn't really feel like a beach day for me today. I am … Continue reading 2019: Bucket Lists & Tangible Goals

SO This Is Now

Ohh hello … I'm back! #blog #post #yesplease #breaktimeover

Money Diaries. #1

Sometimes money runs through my fingers like sand in a sieve … you know how it goes - it's like all your shoes wear out in the same month. You need new (or new to you) clothing and everything (perceptions, glasses, shirts, bras - life stuff) all at the same impossible time. It is incredible … Continue reading Money Diaries. #1

When you up & decided your goals aren’t working …

Guys, I was on a March Madness roll - but then I got really, really tired and had to take a break. I was feeling depleted of creative thought and really just wanted to sleep. Last night was night two of go to work, come home, eat a snack and pretty much lose focus on … Continue reading When you up & decided your goals aren’t working …

Goal Setting.

This last little while I have been extremely interested in the age old classic of goal setting.  I have been reading articles online, watching You-tubers and all around just asking people how they go about achieving their goals. Most of the goal setting strategies encourage people to write things down. The theory being that once … Continue reading Goal Setting.


Yes the book. Yes Miki. Yes getting out there and creating a life. Yes creating a business. Actually today I wanted to give you a book review of this novel about getting out their as a young entrepreneur and creating a business. But in light of almost getting canned from BOTH my jobs in one … Continue reading DO COOL SH*T

Mo’Money #1

Okay since my initial (but actually I bitch about this all the time) post I have realized I want to be one of those crazy fools that power through paying of my loans. It might happen, it might not - but right now I am feeling hopefully as fuck. This is an update of things … Continue reading Mo’Money #1