The One Where I Disclose My Student Loan (and other) Debts ….

*** disclaimer if you are someone who is sick of hearing about my financial journey, don't want to hear about white girl money problems or just don't care about this stuff - this post isn't for you I am gonna be honest with you living within my means actually kind of sucks. Truly it does. … Continue reading The One Where I Disclose My Student Loan (and other) Debts ….

The One Where I Talk About Debt Fatigue and What I Am Doing About It.

    Debt fatigue occurs when a debtor becomes overwhelmed by the amount of debt incurred and the seeming futility of the debt repayment process, and it may result in a debtor giving up on making loan payments and beginning to overspend again. This is for real and my life. DEBT FATIGUE. As of April … Continue reading The One Where I Talk About Debt Fatigue and What I Am Doing About It.

Is there a price tag on your freedom?

There is a lot swirling in my head today. I mean  - a lot. It's like have a million tabs open and being so excited to dive into all of them but I can't pay attention long enough to read a full article and I just keep opening new tabs. That's how I feel today. … Continue reading Is there a price tag on your freedom?

Money Diaries. #1

Sometimes money runs through my fingers like sand in a sieve … you know how it goes - it's like all your shoes wear out in the same month. You need new (or new to you) clothing and everything (perceptions, glasses, shirts, bras - life stuff) all at the same impossible time. It is incredible … Continue reading Money Diaries. #1

Income Tax.

Guys, Gals, Friends .... I have a confession to make. I am one of those people that get secretly excited about doing my taxes. I don't know what it is. It is like it is the massive math puzzle that I must put together and the better I get at it the more money I … Continue reading Income Tax.

What’s the actual cost?

Financial Literacy. What - the actual - fuck?! Do any of you even believe this phrase is a regular part of my vocabulary these days? Are you financially literate? Do your bill payments, car payment or mortgages own you? Or have you taken control and showed that ass who is boss? What the fuck does … Continue reading What’s the actual cost?


I picked up an extra shift today and while I normally don't work Saturdays I am working tonight and this song is in my head:   Everyday I'm hustling. Because every day I do - expect Saturdays, when I sleep. It is no secret that I have 2 jobs. 1 full time job working … Continue reading Hustlin’

1 Step Back, 5 Steps Forward!

Confession: I had a slip up and bought things that I shouldn't have ... Gawddamn!! Here is what happened: I made a budget. I schooled that bitch. I went super fucking old school and started writing everything I spend in this notebook (note: notebooks should be on my no-buy because I have a back stock … Continue reading 1 Step Back, 5 Steps Forward!

The No-Buy Rules.

It is getting real, Friends. I made a budget. It still has some generous vague spending areas but we all need to start somewhere. It is a work in progress. _________________________________________________________ Note **  I foolishly thought I could discuss financial stuff with people. I have realized that some people are judgmental fucks and fail to … Continue reading The No-Buy Rules.

debt debt debt debt debt debt debt debt

It is all consuming! Student Loan debt. It's the bane of my existence. Have you ever dumped "student loan repayment" or "student loan debt" into Google and seen all the personal bloggers talk about the enormous amounts of student loans that need a monster pay off.  It is crazy the amount of student loan debt … Continue reading debt debt debt debt debt debt debt debt