In all my years of blogging I have never, ever really touched on the vegan thing. Actually if you know me in real life you would know that it just is a thing that I don't really discuss. I think that peoples food journeys are really a person thing. I honestly hate confrontation and … Continue reading VEGAN LIFE

Journey to Minimalism

Maybe it’s just where my energy is going but HECK YES minimalism is flowin’ …. AND - it is all the rage these days. Maybe it is the age bracket I am moving into but I think the current drive of people is to live a simpler, more intentional life. Minimalism looks different for different … Continue reading Journey to Minimalism

What’s in a Carol?

Have you ever put your name into a search engine - just to see what kind of person you are? Or better what kind of person people perceive you to be? What comes up when people are looking at you before that job interview? What sort of social media online presence does the world see … Continue reading What’s in a Carol?