Writers Block. How do you move past it?

I have started and erased this post probably 10 times today because I have thought they were all shit. Today I admit my confidence is not where I want it to be. Tomorrow will be a better day. I don't want to break a promise I made about trying to write more. Today I am … Continue reading Writers Block. How do you move past it?


I picked up an extra shift today and while I normally don't work Saturdays I am working tonight and this song is in my head: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JU9TouRnO84   Everyday I'm hustling. Because every day I do - expect Saturdays, when I sleep. It is no secret that I have 2 jobs. 1 full time job working … Continue reading Hustlin’

1 Step Back, 5 Steps Forward!

Confession: I had a slip up and bought things that I shouldn't have ... Gawddamn!! Here is what happened: I made a budget. I schooled that bitch. I went super fucking old school and started writing everything I spend in this notebook (note: notebooks should be on my no-buy because I have a back stock … Continue reading 1 Step Back, 5 Steps Forward!

The No-Buy Rules.

It is getting real, Friends. I made a budget. It still has some generous vague spending areas but we all need to start somewhere. It is a work in progress. _________________________________________________________ Note **  I foolishly thought I could discuss financial stuff with people. I have realized that some people are judgmental fucks and fail to … Continue reading The No-Buy Rules.


Since sometime before my trip to Iceland in early November I have been feeling a little overwhelmed with everything in my life. Not in a 'I quit and want to run away' kind of way but in a growing, learning, need to restructure kind of way. Now as we roll into the festive season I … Continue reading PAUSE.

2AM YouTube Lesson

Yesterday night in my haze of 2 am YouTube watching I stumbled onto some minimalist wardrobe videos. I am clearly already hooked.  I was watching one of Sarah Nourse's videos when she said something that resonated with me at my core. The premise was simple. Her and her husband were getting into minimalism. They had … Continue reading 2AM YouTube Lesson


There are moments. Pensive moments. They happen often enough where I get into this reflective state and truly wonder if my decision to set up camp longer term in Edmonton was a wise one.  I mean I don't mind Edmonton. There are moments where it is kind of pretty.  The weather is generally okay. You … Continue reading Next.