Money Diaries. #1

Sometimes money runs through my fingers like sand in a sieve … you know how it goes - it's like all your shoes wear out in the same month. You need new (or new to you) clothing and everything (perceptions, glasses, shirts, bras - life stuff) all at the same impossible time. It is incredible … Continue reading Money Diaries. #1


Self Help: Are We Really That Broken?

Why do we let the world tell us that we need to fix ourselves? I confess that lately I have been obsessed with Mark Manson. I know I come with a ball of baggage in my life. Don’t we all?  I mean social media kind of makes us all think that everyone else is perfect … Continue reading Self Help: Are We Really That Broken?

If I do this, then I get to do that …

I have finally gone and done it. I booked my appointment for the full extraction of my last two wisdom teeth. On May 29th I will finally get to tick this big thing off my list of health issues I need to deal with before I can think about my next move. Actually it isn't … Continue reading If I do this, then I get to do that …

The bag of burritos I needed.

Truth: Even though I had a fairly great job situation in Calgary post SAIT I quit my job and moved to Montreal. I transferred with Starbucks to get me started and took my boho looking, dreadlock sporting self to the city of liberty and freedom and decided it was about time I make a life … Continue reading The bag of burritos I needed.

When you up & decided your goals aren’t working …

Guys, I was on a March Madness roll - but then I got really, really tired and had to take a break. I was feeling depleted of creative thought and really just wanted to sleep. Last night was night two of go to work, come home, eat a snack and pretty much lose focus on … Continue reading When you up & decided your goals aren’t working …

Goal Setting.

This last little while I have been extremely interested in the age old classic of goal setting.  I have been reading articles online, watching You-tubers and all around just asking people how they go about achieving their goals. Most of the goal setting strategies encourage people to write things down. The theory being that once … Continue reading Goal Setting.

that tiny space life …

You might know this about me but you also might not: I LOVE TINY HOUSES! There I said it, I am obsessed with the tiny house movement. I am super interested in alternative housing which is  broad category of tiny houses, micro homes, yurts, RV's, van life, earth ships and anything else you can really … Continue reading that tiny space life …

Do you live for Memories or in the ‘RIGHT NOW’ Moment?

I have had my laptop since 2010. It is an Acer. I am surprised it still runs, honestly. It has absolutely seen better days. I have known for some time now that I need to invest in a new computer. I have had to repair parts. I bought a new battery and a couple years … Continue reading Do you live for Memories or in the ‘RIGHT NOW’ Moment?

My Travel Bucket List

I have been in Edmonton about a year and a half and I am getting dangerously close to that time where I pick up and fly away. I have made lots of financial goal, health goals and a must do list of things in Edmonton - so travel is taking a back seat. Right now … Continue reading My Travel Bucket List

that vegan life.

Tonight while chomping down on some vegan mashed potato pizza - I was thinking about vegan things.  While I am not always vegan I try my best most of the time. My slips up are always cheese or other dairy related things. In every other category I succeed. This used to really bother me - … Continue reading that vegan life.