Is your MLM your own business? 

If you are selling services and products for another larger company - you are not an entrepreneur and you do not own your own company. You are an independent consultant or independent contractor.

#grounded: a blog series [days 6-10] What is time?

That is what I have been up to the last few days #grounded. My emotions are raw. My mood is good and bad and good and bad and mostly I feel very hollowingly lonely

hashtag grounded: a blog series ep.5

Well we are almost finished day 5 and I thought I would jump on here an talk about my amazing accomplishments for today: For probably as long as I can remember I get an email notification that April 6th is Margaret's birthday. I have no idea who the fuck Margaret is or when I added … Continue reading hashtag grounded: a blog series ep.5

Are the MLM Huns really just looking for a Community?

Times are savage friends and the most savage of the savage multi-level marketing consultants are making their presence known. They are leaning in, they are dropping in - they are using this world disaster as a way to sell their products.  In a time where no one has disposable income and people are straight up … Continue reading Are the MLM Huns really just looking for a Community?

#grounded: a blog series [Day 3 &4 …]

I go through phases of productivity and fear. I go through the gauntlet of thoughts - like I guess it is time to figure out my life.

#grounded: Day 2

Last night I drank. I wouldn't say excessively but a few glasses of  red wine and then a couple rum cream/espresso vodkas .... I definitely had an Advil, and other vitamins to try and curb a hangover before bed. Because let's face it - I don't actually drink very often and that kind of alcohol … Continue reading #grounded: Day 2

#grounded: Day 1

Well it is probably going to be a hot minute before I see another sunset in Puerto Vallarta and not because it is almost the end of my Mexico flying season but because starting today  - April 1st, 2020 - I am officially on a "leave of absence" (aka voluntarily laid off) from my work. I … Continue reading #grounded: Day 1

Things to do while you are Social Isolating … at Home … maybe Alone … with Nothing But Time.

I have realized the only way to stay sane is to keep busy.  Because of the nature of my job I am always on the go - this city, that city, airport, hotel, again .. go, go, go ... so to be stuck at home is incredible hard. Plus lets be real as soon as … Continue reading Things to do while you are Social Isolating … at Home … maybe Alone … with Nothing But Time.

I am Feeling Frozen in Time with COVID19

I have written a new post almost everyday but I am so paralyzed by what is happening to me it is really hard to figure out what is appropriate to post. There is a post about where I am sitting with my MLM project, a post about fear, a post about what to do with … Continue reading I am Feeling Frozen in Time with COVID19

Pitch Week & MLM Experiment Guidelines

  Mother of all things holy - the pitch week has been insane. I decided before I talked to anyone - there would need to be a set of guidelines that I had to follow. Any pitch needed to be well executed and informed; I would feel comfortable with the person I would need to … Continue reading Pitch Week & MLM Experiment Guidelines