breaking promises to yourself ..

Am I the only one that breaks promises to themselves? I have noticed that I have developed a huge pattern of breaking promises to myself.  It happens on the daily. I have no idea why - why don't I honor myself to do the things I really, really want to do? I recently decided I … Continue reading breaking promises to yourself ..

Livin’ La Vida Company Trip to Mexico

Sometime back in December I was required to attend a mandatory company trip to Mexico.  It was kind of weird for more reasons than I can safely write on the internet. That being said there was some good moments also. While it is currently what I hope might be the last deep freeze of the … Continue reading Livin’ La Vida Company Trip to Mexico


Way back in November 2016  I went to Iceland for the Airwaves Festival.  It was a very short trip but full of music, vegan food and rain. Basically, an all around adventure. Just the way I like it.   For the most part my music festival experiences have been in a field and not in … Continue reading Iceland

no spend, no buy, just no no no day

I spend money every day. I tap my debit card or my credit card so many times a day it's crazy. Recently at work some one said to me they can only use 12 debits a month on their debit card. I was literally in shock. I think sometimes I use 12 debits a day. … Continue reading no spend, no buy, just no no no day

Day in the Life

  I thought it would be mega fun to take you along on a day where I work both my jobs. Normally I only work a double shift on Wednesdays and every other Friday - sometimes I do more ... but not very often. Working two jobs can be soul sucking if you don't manage … Continue reading Day in the Life

Laser Tattoo Removal

Here we are ... I did it! Well I mean, I just began the process to get the beast off my leg. The art of tattoo-ing has come so far in the last 10 years. Gone are the days of flash. Hello are the days of LASER tattoo removal. You are probably wondering why I … Continue reading Laser Tattoo Removal