The One Where I Disclose My Student Loan (and other) Debts ….

*** disclaimer if you are someone who is sick of hearing about my financial journey, don't want to hear about white girl money problems or just don't care about this stuff - this post isn't for you I am gonna be honest with you living within my means actually kind of sucks. Truly it does. … Continue reading The One Where I Disclose My Student Loan (and other) Debts ….

The One Where I Talk About Debt Fatigue and What I Am Doing About It.

    Debt fatigue occurs when a debtor becomes overwhelmed by the amount of debt incurred and the seeming futility of the debt repayment process, and it may result in a debtor giving up on making loan payments and beginning to overspend again. This is for real and my life. DEBT FATIGUE. As of April … Continue reading The One Where I Talk About Debt Fatigue and What I Am Doing About It.

Is there a price tag on your freedom?

There is a lot swirling in my head today. I mean  - a lot. It's like have a million tabs open and being so excited to dive into all of them but I can't pay attention long enough to read a full article and I just keep opening new tabs. That's how I feel today. … Continue reading Is there a price tag on your freedom?

Money Diaries. #1

Sometimes money runs through my fingers like sand in a sieve … you know how it goes - it's like all your shoes wear out in the same month. You need new (or new to you) clothing and everything (perceptions, glasses, shirts, bras - life stuff) all at the same impossible time. It is incredible … Continue reading Money Diaries. #1

Income Tax.

Guys, Gals, Friends .... I have a confession to make. I am one of those people that get secretly excited about doing my taxes. I don't know what it is. It is like it is the massive math puzzle that I must put together and the better I get at it the more money I … Continue reading Income Tax.

no spend, no buy, just no no no day

I spend money every day. I tap my debit card or my credit card so many times a day it's crazy. Recently at work some one said to me they can only use 12 debits a month on their debit card. I was literally in shock. I think sometimes I use 12 debits a day. … Continue reading no spend, no buy, just no no no day


I picked up an extra shift today and while I normally don't work Saturdays I am working tonight and this song is in my head:   Everyday I'm hustling. Because every day I do - expect Saturdays, when I sleep. It is no secret that I have 2 jobs. 1 full time job working … Continue reading Hustlin’

The No-Buy Rules.

It is getting real, Friends. I made a budget. It still has some generous vague spending areas but we all need to start somewhere. It is a work in progress. _________________________________________________________ Note **  I foolishly thought I could discuss financial stuff with people. I have realized that some people are judgmental fucks and fail to … Continue reading The No-Buy Rules.

Mo’Money #1

Okay since my initial (but actually I bitch about this all the time) post I have realized I want to be one of those crazy fools that power through paying of my loans. It might happen, it might not - but right now I am feeling hopefully as fuck. This is an update of things … Continue reading Mo’Money #1