6 Ways to Focus on Your Own Adventure and Creative Voice

Not caring what others think and plowing away at your passions is hard. Here are 6 tips to get your mindset right in a time of personal doubt.

Meatless Monday: Tofu Scramble

On this weeks edition of Meatless Monday I think we need to explore the really yummy breakfast world of tofu scrambles. 

Meatless Monday: Biscuit Pot Pie Stew Fusion

Today I figured out why so many Americans eat biscuits and gravy – because it is saucy and bready and starchy and delicious.

Listing Out my Creative Projects to Give You Inspiration to Work on The Things You Always Dreamed Possible … #inthistogether

I have noticed I am not the only one struggling to work on my creative stuff. But ... I also can't help but feel like this is a gift from the universe. A gift of time to work on anything I ever thought would be a fun creative job.

Meatless Monday: Chili Taco Salad

It is Monday - and that means you need some meatless Monday inspiration. Well here you go .... I know, I know - you think of hot chili as a fall food. Well damn it - I am using up things in my pantry and this is literally one of my favorite things to eat.

The Problem with Free Information on the Internet – a Rachel Hollis critique

Let me just start out by saying – I have zero problem with the fact that Rachel Hollis is a success. I think anyone can do anything they put their mind to – hustle, heart and a whole lot of ambition can get you anywhere you want to go. To a certain extent it really … Continue reading The Problem with Free Information on the Internet – a Rachel Hollis critique

Meatless Monday: Vegan Lasagna Soup

Nobody wants to read the long ramble I-made-this-because blog post before getting to the recipe so I won't bore you today - but if you need some hot and delicious pasta/soup inspiration for meatless Monday I am going to just leave you with this treat that I seriously can't stop making! Enjoy!

How To Starting Using Meditation, Mindfulness And Gratitude To Steer Yourself In A Better Direction During Socially Distant Times

If you are struggling with getting your mind right here are some useful tips for trying out meditation and why gratitude might be a good place to start.

#grounded: a blog series [days 6-10] What is time?

That is what I have been up to the last few days #grounded. My emotions are raw. My mood is good and bad and good and bad and mostly I feel very hollowingly lonely

hashtag grounded: a blog series ep.5

Well we are almost finished day 5 and I thought I would jump on here an talk about my amazing accomplishments for today: For probably as long as I can remember I get an email notification that April 6th is Margaret's birthday. I have no idea who the fuck Margaret is or when I added … Continue reading hashtag grounded: a blog series ep.5