Some time long ago I read a quote in Jane magazine, it simply said:

“Fuck it, Fuck ‘em, Fuck it up”

So here I am, doing that very thing.

I used to be a Cad Designer by day and Barista by night but now I am a Flight Attendant. I am currently on a mad mission to finally pay off my [what is now] 40k of student loan debt that was acquired through the course of a degree and a diploma (education in Canada is expensive, yo!) Also, never really got paid off because I was too busy Country hopping living my life. Being a gypsy. Anyway – here I am back living with roommates, driving a tiny car, living a minimalist life trying to pay back my education.

 I am an avid reader, sometimes YouTuber or Podcaster & I’m vegan (which automatically means foodie; check my Instagram). I am a ball of positive vibes, I reject this mediocre status quo bullshit and am ALWAYS a believer there is something better. I refuse to settle.

Stick around if you are interested in learning from my financial journey, you want the tips and tricks I am learning along the way, you might be interested in passive income, side hustling and figuring out how to do that (Lordy, I don’t know either, but I’m sharing what I am learning), there will be discussions on entrepreneurial and influential authors and learning to be financial stable, raw emotions of being single in my late 30ies and of course all the vegan stuff I can discuss with out being nuts.

I have a knack for speaking the truth, tuggin’ at the heart strings of reality and just over all being blunt as fuck. If that is your thing stick around, I will probably make you feel hopeful for a better fucking future. #makeithappen