Setting My Own Rules for The 75 Hard Challenge & Making a Commitment

One of  the many things that I struggle with it is weight loss.  I have SO many cookbooks and books – do this and do that – conflicting information at the best of times. The diet industry is one of the more profitable industries in the world. But even after all that reading and all the knowledge, I still struggle to lose weight. 

So much so that this year I considered the option of a bariatric surgery in Mexico. I feel desperate in my need to lose the weight, but I know what I really must do it heal my brain, heal my bad patterns, heal my emotional eating, heal myself.

I am tired of not feeling like I am beautiful. I am tired of being insecure because of my weight. I am tired of thinking that people are not interested in friendships and relationships because I am now a chubby gal. I am tired of treating myself like shit because I feel insecure about letting myself go. 

Everyone wants to lose weight, but no one wants to put in the work. 

Myself included.

Diet Coke is too delicious. Cake and potato chips are amazing. How can I say no to the cheesy pasta – I am the same way. 


It is also true that I have an under active thyroid and crippling anxiety – coupled with 2020 depression that I am now medicated for AND seasonal depression quickly approaching. 

This year I am over  the life failures and I am not going to let that shit win …  with 75 days left in 2020 – I want to make a difference for myself. And to do that I must challenge myself.

Say Hello to Inspiration: Andie Frisella   

 And the Podcast

I am sure you have heard of at least the challenge – it is kind of a fitness craze these days – the 75 hard challenge. 

I am just going to break down the rules for you:

  • Follow a diet for 75 days … no cheating – if you cheat you start again
  • Workout 2x/day (one outside)
  • Drink a gallon of water a day
  • Read 10 pages of a nonfiction entrepreneurial book
  • Take progress pictures every day

It is the last 75 days of 2020 and I am in it to win it. I promised myself that if I ever have to put my uniform on again it is going to be to big. 100% if I tried that now it would be HELLA tight. I need to take back control of the kitchen. Take back control of my life. I decided that I can make rules for my own challenge and do things that take care of me and my needs. 

With my birthday and the holiday season coming up – I need to make sure I allow myself some celebration time and treats but teach myself to not go overboard. 

So friends, I am digging out all the stops. I am diving in the literature and programs and I am implementing it all. I have learned over the years that the only way you can achieve your goals is to make the tangible. What exactly am I going to do to make it work?


Then lets follow the rest of these steps: 

Follow a diet for 75 days. No cheating. No cakes or cookies or chocolate. No soft drinks
  • I have been a vegetarian for a long time. Most of my life. On and off vegan for some time. For this challenge I will be fully vegan. A whole foods vegan. I give myself permission to eat up anything remaining in my fridge (fake meats and cheeses but then it is done)
  • I will be using up my protein shake cupboard and my greens powders, pre and probiotic powders, skin elixirs and fizz sticks, detox teas and anything I need to use up 
  • I can drink sparkling water but no diet coke
2 workouts a day 
  • The kickboxing gym is open 6 days a week so Monday to Saturday I will kickbox
  • Beachbody on Demand I am current doing piyo so I will continue to follow that workout schedule until it is done. That is also 6 days a week.
  • Walking – great to get outside and explore.
  • There are always online workouts on BOD or on Youtube
Read every day. Read whatever you want. Just read for 20mins/day. Get back into fiction.
I will drink ½ my body weight in OZ of water/day. 
Journal your food & Journal how to you feel every day. Journal how you feel about your food choice. Use one of you MANY food journals and just do it. Just track your progress. 
Take progress photos once a week. 
Weigh in on Mondays

And that is it – this is Carol time – this is time to do this for you, for your body, for your mind. I want to finish 2020 strong and in control and feeling like even though everything else is out of control that I have control of making me a better me. 

If you want to join me on your own challenge drop a comment and we can be accountability buddies. I would love to have you and love to compare our personal 75 hard lists. 

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75 days – LETS DO THIS!

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