Bigger or Better: Trading a Mint Condition Rolling Stone Grateful Dead Magazine.

Yesterday while scrolling endlessly through TikTok like the unemployed/furloughed bum I currently am I saw a girl trying to trade up a bobby pin for a house. She has gotten pretty far in her quest of items and I think it is totally rad.

This isn’t a new idea – this was originally accomplished by a Canadian man who eventually traded up for a house in Kipling, Saskatchewan.  2005 – One Red Paperclip, anyone?

Being that I am home and need to make use of my creative muscles I have decided on a quest of my own. I would like to trade my mint condition Grateful Dead Rolling Stones Magazine for a Sprinter van that I will convert to be my tiny home.

Ideally by the time next summer arrives but who knows really? This project might take some time.


I decided to make a post on TikTok myself about it and will continue on in my quest until I am successful. So this is the magazine in its full glory. Crisp, clean and ready to be in someone else’s library of wicked finds. It originally cost me about $17 CAD. I am just looking to trade up for something a little bit bigger and a little bit better.

This project is a series of trade that will get me to my end goal on the dream van.

If you want to follow along I will be posting more about it on TikTok. The adventure vehicle is happening.  If you are interested in a trade please get at me. As long as it is bigger or better – and I can possible trade it. I will be taking all offers seriously.

If you think I am slightly crazy it is because I am – anything is possible if you have the right mind set! So come on an adventure with me while I get myself a tiny home by trading up bigger and better.


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