How to Plan a Successful Month

Have you ever noticed how easy it is for a day to pass and you have no idea what you actually accomplished? Or in this COVID time a whole month or two? 

1It happens to the best of us. I have learned over the years that in order to get stuff done you must plan it out. In this time of absolute craziness I have been spending my time trying to get more consistent with blogging and writing. It keeps me distracted and busy and focusing on what I want to focus on. 

For me – I am not very good under pressure so the best way I can get around this is by planning my month ahead of time. Planning out my writing days. Planning out my creativity. 

Let me show you how to plan your month so that you see progress and success. 

My biggest and best planning tools come in a few parts:

Step one is always the list of things that need to get accomplished in a month. This might be a big list but get it all down on paper so you know what you are working with. I list out everything on the to-do list. Things I want to focus on and things I would like to ideally finish. Creative projects, writing projects, exercise and weight loss goals, relationships, work, travel, fun. Whatever you want to focus on or what needs to get done for the month this is where it needs to go. 

The bullet Journal is where I start (think of this as 1A). The format is flexible. I can write as many things as I want. It is a tool that I have been using for years. I like this as a place to make my progress charts and my overall monthly things.  I always do a monthly budget spread and hone in on bill payments and what money needs to go where (which is how I paid off 40k worth of debt so far). I like to come up with monthly exercise plans as well including how many days I want to hit the gym (since my new primary focus is weightloss success) – really it is my goals and dreams list and how to make them happen.

The brain dump book (think of this as 1B) which is technically also a bullet journal – this is separate for me from my more organized bullet journal. This is where I scribble all my writing ideas and blog post ideas. It is a place where I can be messy and just think up things. Larger pages and more space to really detail out how I want to write posts. Sometimes at the most random times I have a thought about something I want to write and I need to jot down the key points to remember it later. This is “that” book.


For both of these books I use the classic bullet journal the leuchtturm1917 brand that you can find here. But you can also buy them from Chapters. I like the dot grid because it means I can be creative with how I write and schedule things. But honestly you can use whatever you have. You don’t NEED this particular book. But I find writing it out on paper is what I need. 

Step two is to add everything onto my master calendar. This is where I start to get really precise. Now that I know what I want to write about I like to post what blog post I want to have published on what day. I fill in meetings, birthdays, bill payments, paydays, any and all events … anything to get a huge overview of the month.  This is the moment when the month looks like it has nothing going on to having everything happening. 

The big arse wall calendar helps with this because I can add multiple things to each day. If you are scheduling for more than one person you can even color code this. You can easily move things around and visually look at the month at a glance.

Step three: The day book (mini calendar) – this is a typical day book broken down by the hour. I want to write in my particulars by the day. I try to make sure it is filled out the night before for optimum productivity. Or it is also great to plan out your day in the morning with a cup of coffee. Since all the COVID stuff has started I really have enjoyed being a bit more lax with my days and have found this has been working better for me. 

I bought both of these from Staples. 


Because I am home all the time I have been slacking on my digital calendar – but when I was full time flying I would then fill in my digital calendar (step four) so that I could also be on top of what stuff I needed to get done on the road. 

Productivity happens when you plan.

For all those people trying to launch their at home business this is ley. Spending a couple hours each week getting organized will get you way ahead of the game. I think it is truthful in anything in life the better you plan the better success you have in achieving the goals. 

What is your June looking like – do you have your month all sorted yet?

Struggling with getting organized in general – try this get organized bootcamp!


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