hashtag grounded: a blog series ep.5

Well we are almost finished day 5 and I thought I would jump on here an talk about my amazing accomplishments for today:

  1. For probably as long as I can remember I get an email notification that April 6th is Margaret’s birthday. I have no idea who the fuck Margaret is or when I added it to my hotmail calendar for reminders or why I added it. Today I figured out how to delete that reminder.  A very happy birthday to the mystery Margaret person. I probably added you to my calendar when I was high at some point thinking it was important. If you are reading this, you are Margaret and it is your Birthday – we should probably touch base.
  2. I logged in to get my hit @ home kickboxing online workout today – wasn’t my best workout but I got it done.
  3. After taking at least 6 Midol and 6 extra strength Aleve  – eating 2 chocolate chip chocolate muffins, some Reece peanut butter big cups & some mini eggs – I think my cramps might be slowly disappearing into the heavily medicated space.
  4. I have now effectively cracked 3 of my gel nails off – only 7 more to go. I got this. Who needs a nail Lady anyway?
  5. I started looking for a van to buy to convert into a camper. I don’t have money for this – but by gawd I am going to figure this shit out.


That is all for today Friends  – Stay Safe, Stay Sanitized and Stay Home


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