#grounded: Day 2

Last night I drank.

If you have never had this – next time you are allowed to venture out you need to pick this up in Halifax. It puts Bailey’s to shame. 

I wouldn’t say excessively but a few glasses of  red wine and then a couple rum cream/espresso vodkas …. I definitely had an Advil, and other vitamins to try and curb a hangover before bed. Because let’s face it – I don’t actually drink very often and that kind of alcohol combining is not good.

Yesterday I spent all sorts of time trying to get a morning routine sorted. Starting with an 8AM wake up time. I went old school and put together my April wall calendar of all my isolation activities on a map for success. I even went so far as to highlight and color code – then made a lose day routine of what I want my days to look like – I felt so accomplished.

This morning – that routine got washed aside for sleeping. Somethings happened but not as early as I wanted to start. What did happen was my morning coffee, and morning smoothie. Also – my writing routine – so while I am late to start at this today I am still doing the things I set out to do. Progress, Friends – not perfection!

Things I want to accomplish today:

  1. Make the most perfect carby hungover masterpiece of roasted red pepper pasta (yes, I figured out some things to do with red peppers yesterday and I even roasted 4 peppers for use today)
  2. Attend a zoom meeting
  3. Spend some time prepping for my 30 Day to Healthy Living Program
  4. Master the Phone App Application for VIP Kid – find some props for a demo lesson
  5. Walmart Mission for box dye for my hair and other supplies

What are you doing to keep busy today?

Keeping it sane.

In solidarity –


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