It is February 2020 – here are the 5 things I can not stop thinking about …

I have been a bullet journaling mad woman trying to plan everything out in my life – from things I want to write about to what I actually want to achieve. Maybe I am just taking a bit of a goals reset I am not sure, but this is the list of the top 5 that have been on my mind lately:

  • How can I make an extra 10K this year to put on my Federal student Loan so I can be debt free by January 2021?  As the #debtfreecommunity grows and Dave Ramsey becomes a superstar there is more and more clutter on social media space about becoming debt free. I paid off a huge amount of debt in January of 2020 and I tell you – it is so fucking liberating. I feel like a part of me got my life back. Now I have the momentum I want to just crush out the last 30k. #justwatchme
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  • It is probably because I have been watching so many vanlifers on Youtube but I really, really want to backpack around Mexico. It seems like a well traveled spot for my first solo trip in a super-duper long time. So, I have been gathering information for a bit of what I am temporarily calling ‘Yucatan Adventure: a Mexican Backpacking Trip for your 40ies’. I have got some holidays coming up – and heck, it is good to just think about going somewhere even if it doesn’t happen.  I have basically been scared to dramatically live for some time now and I need to baby step into a solo trip that gets me out there, ready to explore and to gain my confidence back.
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  • I have all the vegan health books (Starch Solution, McDougall, Eat to Live, How Not to Die) – I have a gymvnt membership, a 30 min hit membership, BeachBody on Demand and WW – goodness I can make weight loss happen in 2020 (she types while eating seven eleven taquitos) Now what I really need to do it make healthy choices 90% the time so the number goes down on the scale. What is the best way to track my calories in vs calories out – unclear?  Obviously taking suggestions. I have become increasingly aware of my poor eating habits and I need to be super aware of the food that I put in my mouth and my workouts. Sometimes I am just so blissfully unaware of the calories in very unhealthy vegan food.
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  • I need a style makeover, or I just need more clothes or need the weight to come off faster so more of my clothes fit me. But also, I have become a different person and I think I need a slightly different look. Maybe I just finally want to look my age or I have hit and actually 40 life crisis – I feel like I need a signature look. I need to start dressing for the success that I want to achieve. Because sometimes you just need to look the part.


  • The existential question – what do I want out of life? And is what I am doing enough? If I could have every day be the exactly perfect day what would it look like? Would I own a vegan cafe? Would I be a professional artist? Would I be married? Would I have kids? What is it that I am actually after in life?


I know – the mind can be a powerful took for manifesting greatness, you need to use it wisely. Think about things you want to manifest. So Friends, what kinds of greatness are you bring into this life?

Tell me below what is occupying your brain space in the early part of 2020?





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