Carol’s Log: January 09-13

  • Current Location: … in bed, in a hotel room with no pants in Prince George, BC
  • Current Eats: Starbucks bbq kettle chips & cheese strings (vegan fail) and a Diet Coke
  • Current Feels: exhausted but determined to be productive today 


Somehow it is like basically the middle of January – how the fuck did that happen?!

Alright buckle in because here we go! Things, Friends, have been random as fuck and since I decided I needed to start writing more here is a little encounter of some random ass shit that had been going on:

I decided in an attempt to restore some balance in my life that I needed to figure out a way to pick up some secondary work. Work that I can do from my computer with out investing to much money. This has lead me to venture into the idea of teaching English online. Teaching online only so I can bring it on the road with me. So I have spent most of my afternoon on YouTube watching hilariously bad, overly animated teaching videos and I am still torn if I want to actually do it – but the videos are entertaining. I mostly just wanted to see if the company was actually viable and that they paid there teachers. But also to see if that kind of schedule would work with my currently life schedule which is pretty much all over the map.

I have been having some issues in my mouth.  I had a tooth pulled in October of last year that I thought was going to fix the problem buuuuut just on Monday of this week I had to pop into the dentist which lead to a scalpel and bone files and stitches. It has been less than a week and it has already started to grow back …. the dentist said if it keeps growing I’d need to go and see a bone specialist. I just need the problem to go away with out spending months trying to figure out why bone is growing in the wrong direction in my mouth. I also cannot afford some crazy ass dental procedure right now. But also – what the actual fuck?!

Today I got pulled into secondary in PRINCE FUCKING GEORGE BRITISH COLOMBIA for a “random check” and the customs guy freaked out on me about some watermelon cigarettes I bought in Mexico like 3 pairing ago … that were half gone – he then went on a tangent about how crew are the worst and then I watched him dig into my dirty underwear … how do you even take someone seriously when that is happening.

Yesterday in Puerto Vallarta while chilling by the pool we were talking to this man and his husband and at one point one of the guys just swims up to me and says: “You have the biggest tits I have ever seen” … ummm, thanks?!

On a bright note we got free drinks by the pool all day because the Mexicans are the sweetest!

I legit bought a Coconut La Croix and felt hipster AF doing it and I am going to drink that shit while I am editing this blog – probably after I drink craft beer and eat pizza with my crew because what the hell else are we going to do in PG, BC!

That is mostly the randomness of the last two days, I need some pizza, a shower and to sleep … then back off into the sun tomorrow.

*** While reading this to edit I just all the sudden thought my life sounded cooler than it is – I mean Coconut La Croix, who am I?

Catch you on another random afternoon,






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