The Badlands.

20170521_195923Alberta had dinosaurs. 75 million years ago. Think about that for a minute. The province of Alberta … in Canada … used to be a roaming place for dinosaurs. I don’t actually know what interests me more – the thought of 75 million years ago or dinosaurs. It is mind boggling if you really consider that right here, there was once dinosaurs. It is hard to believe such a thing was even possible. I certainly never think of our land being that old. I mean Canada wasn’t confederated until 150 years ago and I always think of our landmass (Canada) developing around then but really – this chunk of land was once owned by some pretty rad land animals.

I have traveled in Drumheller, Alberta before and I knew that the badlands were bomb and I was in the mood for a little adventure.

Less than 24 hours in Drumheller isnt much time. We cruised out to the badlands Saturday afternoon; once it cooled down a but we headed over to the Rosedale suspension bridge. It is a mimic of an old coal mining bridge. The bridge is suspended over the Red Deer River – the current is trucking along quickly if you are brave enough to take a look down while crossing the bridge suspended over the river.  Once you hit the other side – there are few formations to climb to get a beautiful view of the land formations and the landscape surrounding the area.


Then we headed another 7 kms down the hoodoo trail to explore the rare hoodoos. These are by far the coolest formation that I have some across on the prairies. They  look like giant mushrooms made out of soil. The are essentially an endangered species (if land can be that) – they are eroding at a rapid rate which is crazy but a part of nature. If you haven’t seen the Hoodoos yet – it is worth the trip.

We capped the day with a few beers at a local Irish pub (I have been really into the radler lately ) and then headed to our little motel in the badlands for the night.


If I am being honest – it has been a long ass time since I got out and enjoyed life and got to explore some rad stuff. Thankfully it is just the begging of summer and there are lots and lots of Alberta gold mines to enjoy.

My summer plan is to stay on the trail and stay dirty.

If you have any cool travel suggestions for Alberta (interior BC or Saskatchewan) let me know below so I can try and check it out.





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