Writers Block. How do you move past it?

I have started and erased this post probably 10 times today because I have thought they were all shit. Today I admit my confidence is not where I want it to be. Tomorrow will be a better day. I don’t want to break a promise I made about trying to write more. Today I am drained, tried, cranky and just can’t.

How do you write through your writers block? How do you push your creative envelop when it feels dry? What do you do when you feel like you are trapped with life?

Today readers, I am asking you … I’d love to chat about creative block, life blocks and shaking things up …

Lets go …..






4 thoughts on “Writers Block. How do you move past it?

  1. I just write. It doesn’t have to be exciting really because I enjoy reading about the mundane stuff that happens to other people. Every single post doesn’t need to be inspirational or exciting. I think the mediocre and mundane helps humanize bloggers to the reader and makes them more relatable.


    1. YES!! I wrote a whole blurb about that yesterday then deleted it. I am totally in sink with that … I also love reading how other people tackle life. 🙂


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