breaking promises to yourself ..

Am I the only one that breaks promises to themselves?

I have noticed that I have developed a huge pattern of breaking promises to myself.  It happens on the daily. I have no idea why – why don’t I honor myself to do the things I really, really want to do? I recently decided I wanted to be a better human. Not because I don’t love myself but because I want more from my life. I want to start achieving some of the goals I have wanted to achieve for years.

I am not sure why my priorities for myself always come last. It’s disheartening. My crippling anxiety often stands in the way of being a social human being, of having adventures, sometimes my anxiety takes over and I get lazy and I forget to be my fun self and I am my scared self. Just plain scared. I want this promise breaking to end.

A couple of day ago I promised myself I would do 17 things in 2017 . In an attempt to not break promises to myself. I did one of the 17 items on the list. A easy actionable item. I dyed my hair.

1 down 16 to go -Woot, Woot!

Do you guys have problems with this? How do you remember to always put yourself first?




5 thoughts on “breaking promises to yourself ..

  1. I’m slowly getting better at this, though to be honest getting a head injury forced me into it. My anxiety definitely makes me be less true to myself as I feel as though I should do other things.

    I’m slowly finding ways to track my behaviour that work for me. Right now it’s a graph in a notebook that i give myself a check mark for doing things I should/promised myself I would. Little things, like taking lunch, drinking water, exercising, spending 10 minutes with Bunny.

    Good luck!


    1. Anxiety is the worst. It’s affects everything. Trackong behavior is really smart. I need to try getting into that. I am super into bullet journaling – that would the perfect space for it.

      Thanks 🙂

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