Sunday Poetry Slam; Hear Me

When I was in University writing was my life. I took as many creative writing classes as they would let me. I don’t write the same way as I used too. Maybe because the world has changed.  But about a month ago I found a bunch of CDR’S with my old writing on them. I ripped the files onto my computer but just the title of some of them made me scared to wake the beast. I wrote a lot about how drugs made the world better. I wrote a lot about dealing with my family, depression, anxiety, running away, freedom. I was questioning life a lot. I was also a stoner. So what can you do?! Anyway – way back in the day I wanted to publish a book of poetry. I used my creative writing classes to work on my poems – so I thought I would publish here some excerpts of the young Carols life.


Hear me shouting

Hear me laughing

Hear me crying

Hear me walking

Hear me running

Hear me as I speak with you hear me as you understand

Hear me in all my silence

Hear me raise my hand

Hear me slumped over the table

Hear me in the corner

Hear me as I fall and hear me as I hurt

Hear me, but don’t command

Hear me through all my pain

Hear me in the joy

Hear me it’s what I need

Hear me

I hear you


It is funny how easy it is for me now to analyze what young Carol was thinking but how at the time I thought I was being so evasive. I was just as normal as everyone else, I just didn’t know how to deal with normal emotions. Once I go through all my poems I will start throwing down some new work.

Happy Sunday,



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