Yes the book. Yes Miki. Yes getting out there and creating a life. Yes creating a business. Actually today I wanted to give you a book review of this novel about getting out their as a young entrepreneur and creating a business.

But in light of almost getting canned from BOTH my jobs in one day. I thought I would not talk about entrepreneurial stuff but actually commit to doing some cool shit, right here, right now.

17 cool things I want to do in the rest of 2017:

  • Grow a salad in my apartment (kale or lettuce, green onion, herbs, tomatoes, and aloe or some other low maintenance plant)
  • Build a YouTube channel
  • Paint my wall pistachio and get my vintage inspired couch
  • Dye my hair like a Peacock
  • Join the rowing club in Edmonton
  • Fully commit to Vegan and not be 90% Vegan
  • Finish my tattoo removal and get my ankle tattoo to cover it
  • Get my arm tattoo-ed
  • Pierce my nose … for the 8th time
  • Travel in India or Indonesia – just go on a vacation
  • Hit up as many of the Provincial Parks in Alberta as I can this summer.
  • Buy a Bicycle
  • Become a Thrift Queen
  • Read all the books on my bookshelf
  • Mediate once a day
  • Learning to be happy just the way I fucking am โค
  • Make some solid Edmonton Friends


In the craziness of life, paying off my debt and doing all sort of things – sometimes I forget to just be and have fun and to love myself. So I decided I needed to make a list and do just that.

What is on your 2017 list that is fun stuff, not about debt or work etc

Leave me some Love,



6 thoughts on “DO COOL SH*T

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the job loss. I love your list! Mine is go to as many parks as possible (I got the pass!), give myself breaks during the day, indulge in a weekly hair treatment and turn off my brain for at least 10 minutes a day aka dedicated bunny cuddles


    1. It’s not a job loss yet. BUT some stern talking too ๐Ÿ˜“ … fingers crossed my persuasive charm gets me through. That and hard work. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

      I am so excited about the parks pass. I’ll be more excited when it warms up though. Weekly hair treatments great – do you go to a salon ? Or deep cleaning & oil treatments at home??

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      1. Oh no! Well I’ve got faith in your charm and work ๐Ÿ™‚
        I recently discovered tinting my hair with tea. I dip into lukewarm steeped tea for about 15 minutes (meditation time) and then run some melted coconut oil through it. I leave that for 30 minutes and the condition out.
        It’s a very light colour but my hair feels great.

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