How to Keep Motivated in 7.5 Easy Steps …

Motive [moh-tiv]

1. something that causes a person to act in a certain way, do a certain thing, etc.; incentive.

2. the goal or object of a person’s actions: Her motive was revenge.


Do you  want to get yourself to a better place?  Me too.

I certainly struggle with motivation on the best of days but there are things I can do that really help me with my struggles. I confess Friends, I struggle with motivation for a lot of things. Mostly the longevity of plans – because I get bored, very easily. For example;  My financial plan. I know I have small goals and a plan but do I see myself working 60 hrs a work for the next 3.5 years? Not so much. Anyway –  watch below if you want to see my 7.5 best tips for trying to get yourself motivated.


As always, leave some love. I love chatting with you all.



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