Day in the Life


I thought it would be mega fun to take you along on a day where I work both my jobs. Normally I only work a double shift on Wednesdays and every other Friday – sometimes I do more … but not very often. Working two jobs can be soul sucking if you don’t manage your time.



Hit like if you like, comment below, comment on the YouTube video too. I love hearing from you – it makes making content so much more fun. Woot, Woot!




10 thoughts on “Day in the Life

  1. What is your full-time job? I am a CADDIE as well. I work for a structural engineering firm. Looks to me like you do some kind of retail layout?


    1. Kind of retail. I currently do floorplans for tradeshows. It is definitely not super exciting. I studied architectural technologies… but work is limited where I live. I used to do LOTS of structural drafting mostly on low rise residential. I super want to get into tiny house/alternative housing designs. That’s my next step 🙂

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      1. I live in Red Deer. Were you out at the open house put on by Steve Zaleschuk from Finished Right Contracting? I was there talking to people. I do design work and drawings for Steve.


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