daydreaming of days off …

A got a little out of control … and by a little I mean A LOT … in the stretch of days from February 5-17, 2017. I have (will have) racked up a whopping 125 hours of working time (between both my jobs)… that is just bloody insane.

Last night after I got home from work I realized that the 3 day weekend that is coming couldn’t be more worth it and earned. I also realized that I am working too hard for not enough pay off. I then realize that I drank too much Starbucks and spent hours trying to figure out how I can make money online, what kind of side hustles I can do that are more interesting and less stressful and started googling the shit out of everything. 2 am rolls around and I start thinking about relationships, friendships, life in Edmonton and here we are on the roundabout of life sucking commitments vs personal fulfillment. Fuck Guys; I need a better plan.

I have had migraine for the last 5 days so I am slightly irritable and crazy over tired but …  I just feel like Edmonton is that place where I have come to work not create a life. Or at least it feels like that most of the time, I feel like I lack human connection because I am so busy trying to survive. I guess this is a lesson in self care, slowing down and figuring out how to make the best decisions I can to get myself to a better place.

I am mostly too tired to formulate cohesive thoughts or thought provoking discussion … I am just really curious what you do in maximize fun, minimize debt and figure out this thing called life?

Write me beautiful things below. I need the Love.

Don’t forget to be RAD! 


7 thoughts on “daydreaming of days off …

  1. Carol when you’re drained, stop!!
    If you dont have a balance, whats missing?
    How to you get it?
    How important is it?
    Self care is Step 1
    Be worthy of YOU
    Get that back checked 😉


    1. I know. I push myself to hard sometimes and I forget about balance. I am not very good at sitting still. I have a few days now to unwind and refocus. I will eventually pivot. Thanks for the constant encouragements. You are the best 🙂


  2. Carol… you need to get some enjoyment. Edmonton is a great base/ home to have. You fit in with the Arts and multicultural vibe Edmonton offers…. and as far as costs it is not the most expensive place to live. Go to and join a book club or coffe club and start networking … i think it would start to feel more like home.Your a hippie and a travaler at heart… start planning another wild adventure!plus you rock!!


    1. Thanks Sharon 🙂 No Adventures any time soon, sadly, at least not for another 14 months (by adventure I mean trip abroad – there is still lots to explore in AB) I am trying to make some head way on those pesky student loan debts.


  3. Want to know how rad I am? I’m sipping on a dark rum n coke, alone…reading your blog in a bar full of Colombians. Would that I were in Colombia…nope. Just Argyle Road. Haha. It’s only a little awkward. But hey, i made it out of the house! Woohoo! 🥃

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