1 Step Back, 5 Steps Forward!

Confession: I had a slip up and bought things that I shouldn’t have …


Here is what happened:

I made a budget. I schooled that bitch. I went super fucking old school and started writing everything I spend in this notebook (note: notebooks should be on my no-buy because I have a back stock of journals – that can be for a no-buy amendment). It is pretty detailed. By day, by receipt, a full week spread. At the end of the week it is totaled into categories so I can accurately track my spending. Last week I made a list of everything I pay for each month included bank fees, CraveTV etc  … It is everything,  everything that leaves my account – I went as indepth as I could and I actually adjusted it for a few days because I kept being reminded of things to add. Then I listed my paydays, 4 per month, the amount they are and then assigned certain bill payments to each pay day. Leaving me with x amount of money for food and entertainment. Pretty basic stuff. But I needed to make sure I have money for food, entertainment – random spending.

Anyway – Tuesday came. Payday #1 on the new plan. This pay period I had a couple of sick days, so it wasn’t a full payday. My work also didn’t pay me for a chunk of December so I got behind with some student loan payments. Already the budget is going to be tight because my payday is a bit less and I need to squeak in an extra National Student Loan payment (the big one).  I have to try and catch up so that when I go to apply for interest relief I get approved again. I digress. I paid all the bills aligned for this pay period. Most of my payday was eaten up. Right on track, right?! Then Tuesday night I had to go and run some errands including a doctor’s appointment. The clinic ended up being closed so I went onto my next errand. Lush. And, friends, this is where I came unglued. I went in for face lotion which I actually ran out of – it was on my errand list, buuuuuut 75$ later and a new body wash in tow I was headed to the bookstore. Thank fuck I stopped myself before a book buying bender. Then to top it all off last night when I was working we got this new pretty coral mug in stock and I was like – I must have it & I bought it. Jesus motherfucking Mary of spending breakdowns and its only week one … this shit is gonna be a challenge!

Truth, I can’t even make this self sabotage up!

I thought I would share my lessons here:

  1. I realize that when I work a lot sometimes I feel like I have earned things. Because I don’t go out that much I feel like I  am allowed to treat myself to other things. Mugs, lotions, thrifting, ebooks  … things. I need to get better at doing other things. Cue pinteresting a million list of things you can do that don’t cost money!
  2. Just because I slipped up doesn’t mean I have screwed myself over, this is a learning process and we all fuck up.
  3. I am thankful my freezer is full because my grocery budget is pretty tight for the next week. One slip up shouldn’t derail EVERYTHING in my budget.
  4. Always shop with a fucking list & only buy what is on the gawd damn list.
  5. I am going to need to continue to buy things I like from time to time because when I give myself a hard no, that’s when I fall off the bandwagon. It’s like when you tell yourself you’re on a diet then eat an entire container of cashew ice cream! New thought: I chose to spend my money on debt repayment.


How do you curb your spending? Tips or Tricks – let me know in the comments!



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