2AM YouTube Lesson

Yesterday night in my haze of 2 am YouTube watching I stumbled onto some minimalist wardrobe videos. I am clearly already hooked.  I was watching one of Sarah Nourse’s videos when she said something that resonated with me at my core. The premise was simple. Her and her husband were getting into minimalism. They had downsized and sold a bunch of things for their apartment that they were not using and had money to go thrifting for a new wardrobe. What she said stuck …

She was trying to re-brand herself by only buying a certain type of clothing in a certain aesthetic for her wardrobe. 

Black, Grey or Navy attire.


It is so simple yet so so refreshing.  I’m sold.

And that was it friends, it was in that moment at 2:45 AM that I started thinking about my closet and the things that are in it. I immediately started thinking about things that have been hanging in there for awhile that I just don’t reach for anymore or clothing that I purchased 6 months ago and haven’t worn yet. And I started thinking about what is in my closet and realized that it is time for another donation. Just in time for the holidays. In my rush for work this morning I grabbed two eyesores and dropped them in the bin with the 3 pairs of shoes that were already there.

YouTube had me thinking about minimalism and trying to create a simple yet effective life with all the things I want – I want to focus more on the fun and travel and creative stuff  and less on the things that just don’t matter. For the first time in a really really long time I feel like I am moving in the right direction.

And Breathe.


One thought on “2AM YouTube Lesson

  1. It’s so incredibly liberating. Knowing EXACTLY what you have, where it is and why you have it is just an amazing feeling.

    Best of luck! It isn’t easy and sometimes it can be overwhelming but it’s so so worth it!


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