The USA Election.

Sweet Jesus!

I seriously watched in disbelief as Donald Trump won the American Presidential election last night. What does one even say?! It is beyond shocking to me that bigotry, misogyny and stupidity won an election. I don’t even understand at what point … in the year 2016 … a Country voted to get rid of their civil rights?

For the most part I know the RAD-EST of American people – the ones that have taken into their own hands to educate themselves about the world beyond what they learned in their Country. I know the ones that spent time abroad, that took education into their own hands and that really wouldn’t vote for such an atrocity. I am lucky to know the awesome ones!

But to the rest of you … there is a very strong sentiment today that I think some of you need to be reminded of … my Country, Canada, is not your consolation prize! We are rad as fuck up here and for you to think you can just come and stay is a reminder of the ignorance that plagues a good population of American people. We have always been awesome. We are not awesome just because you suck so bad right now!

I am honestly in shock as much as you all are – this might be the most terrifying thing I have ever seen on the news. But, you will survive. And, Hey – if it makes you feel better – we voted in Harper! And I think we are recovering just fine (at the moment).

Anyway – I naively don’t know a lot about American politics. We run our Country very different.  I watched the debates, I saw some platforms … And I seriously wonder if another American presidential assassination might happen?!

This also might be the time that you all consider that work abroad idea that has been floating around in your head for sometime? I mean – there are lots of cool places to see 🙂

It is going to be an interesting 4 years to say the least.


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