Not lucky … NOT LUCKY!

I hate when people tell me when I travel or have an interesting life experiencing that I am lucky and here is why:

” Lucky implies I didn’t do anything. Lucky implies that something was given to me. Lucky implies that I was handed something that I did not earn; that I didn’t work for …”  – Shonda Rhimes


I work my fucking ass off, if you don’t know that about me you are clearly blinded by some illusion that you think is me. I am not lucky. Really, really, really shitty things have happened in my life.I am working past them, working through them and rising above. It is hard to not let things confine you or define you.

For a good majority of my adult life I have worked 2 jobs. Mostly in times that I lived in Canada but there is never just one thing on the go. I have worked myself to exhaustion for most of my adult life. It is my choice but I also chose to not settle for  being a broke ass bitch. I chose Iceland and tattoos and adventures. I don’t accept poverty. I don’t accept mediocrity. I am an all in type. I want more. I always have.

So no, I am not fucking lucky, I work my ass off everyday on creative projects like my YouTube channel development, blog writing, contention creation and subject matter. I also am co-planning a conference with a business partner that lives an hr from Virginia beach. I sit on a global tiny house committee that meets every Thursday.  I work full time and part time and  so when someone tells me I am lucky I get to travel I want to punch them in the face. I am not lucky.

I work my damn ass off.

Rant over. Carol out.



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