This week is incredible busy for me. I am in Virginia, USA and out of my normal routine. Doing other things. Working on different stuff. Trying things from a new angle.

While trying to cram in the most amount of amazing as possible it has really occurred to me the amount of choices we have in North America. Just yesterday I was in Whole Food Market and discovered like 30 different kinds of Larabars. I was excited yes, overwhelmed – indeed! I am not sure that is just in the USA but my point is … everytime we leave our houses we are bombarded with choice. We are assaulted with the many options that make us a “freedom filled” society. But it occurred to me  – are the amount of choices that are available to us at a benefit to our sanity. Or is there a dark side to choices?

Is all the choice causing us anxiety?

In my never ending search for talented online businesses that revolve around social media I find a million you-tubers making “what I eat in a day” videos or “how I plan my life” videos or “where to find vegan food” ideas. We have a choice of who entertains us on the big scene,  we choose what we listen to, we choose what to read.

So with out doubt – there must be a complete understanding that we choose our life!

We choose our path and we choose what sort of people, music, and knowledge that occupies our mind space  – we choose to shape our world from the options given to us.

Just curious – what kind of choices are you making to cultivate the life you want?











birth of minimalism

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