In all my years of blogging I have never, ever really touched on the vegan thing. If you didn’t know it was a thing …


I have been on and off vegan then vegetarian for many, many years. Right now, I’m on!

I started my vegetarian journey at the young age of 12 or 13 when pigs where just far too cute to eat – I adorned my room in pig blankets and promised my first pet would be a mini pot-bellied pig. (that so hasn’t happened yet) I used to think of myself like a young Lisa Simpson back in the day when her going vegetarian was a huge fucking deal.  Fast forward a few years and to the beginning of my university years and a friend of mine took me to meet some of his new friends and they were all vegan. I seriously thought they were cool as fuck. But it seems kind of extreme.  It was around that time that  was introduced to freegans and dumpster diving.

Right?! I was thinking the same thing! Who are these people?

I actually fell into vegan life sometime in the middle of my first Katimavik contact. Then it stuck for awhile. The thing I learned the most is that everyone’s vegan journey is different. Some people take longer to get in the swing, some people have a hard time giving up meat. I just do my best plus it didn’t hurt that I just really like to eat with the monks when I lived in Asia!


vegan [vee-guh n, vey-]


  1. a vegetarian who omits all animal products from the diet.
  2. a person who does not use any animal products, as leather or wool.



I like to think of vegan as a hard core vegetarian. Because it really is.

And because I am hard core! And I just want to be that way in all of life.

While saving the animals and not consuming animals or their byproducts sounds incredibly easy .. (lol just kidding)  the social aspect of vegan life – eating out, partying, mostly eating because lets be real – eating out is life – is hard as fuck. As soon as you tell someone something is vegan they get all weird about it and determine it’s gross before you eat it. Vegan life can be lonely life till you meet other vegans. Or till you learn to make bad-ass vegan eats for you friends and family.


Favorite vegan lifestyle Bloggers/Youtubers


Okay … Lauren Toyota … that is all one needs to say. Canadian wins huge point in my book. What I love about her is that she make real food. She doesn’t eat so much fruit she has a food baby. There is oil and fry pans and damn good eats. On-top of that she stay out of all the vegan bullshit and drama. Her and John are hilarious. Do it, watch them!

What Leila Eats – HILARIOUS! maybe it is that British humor but every time I watch her I die laughing. She is raw and honest and it is wonderful to see a YouTuber be vulnerable Plus she bakes. I love vegan baking. Just check out her damn channel. Check out that cheeky grim and you’ll be hooked.

I have had my moments with Henya. There are moments where she is a bit to much wrapped up in the Vegan drama. But mostly she is fucking hilarious. I love her vegan journey’s around the world. She is really really great at showing you ways to make money, passive incomes etc. Maybe she doesn’t talk directly but – YouTube, t-shirt shop, and ebooks. Smart cookie. influential. Watch out for her!

I love that Hannah filmed her entire journey. She shows where she came from in terms of weight and I am madly in love with her and Derek and them building a tiny house. They are just living there simple life and loving it. She is soft spoken and stays away from drama these days.


Thug Kitchen

Right now I’m obsessed. This is my “go to” all the time for recipes. They include all my favorite food, avocado, cilantro, beans, pasta, deliciousness. If you are looking for a new cook book buy this (not sponsored – just love them)

Where it all Vegan & the Dolce Vegan

This has been a long time go to since I first became vegan. Classic recipes, made easy, lots of left overs, lots of just plan and normal food but vegan versions of it. Potpies, pastas, soups stews, cookies, cakes, muffins.




Vegan life is about finding food that you like, that doesn’t harm animals, food for me that is healthy, life sustaining and that impacts the environment. Things that grow from the earth, that mold, wilt and don’t back up in your colon for days at a time.  My vegan life is about finding interesting new recipes, sharing my journey, defending vegan life, watching youtubers, seeing how other people do it, teaching people the vegan way, becoming more compassionate. towards all living beings and having a laugh while I do it.

Go Vegan!


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