Feeling Guilt About Unemployment?

Me too! I was furloughed from my airline way back in March. I have tried a few times to look for work but nothing has really panned out. I don't get calls back and recently in a pretty emotional conversation with my therapist I realized it was mostly rooted in GUILT! Interesting right? The thing … Continue reading Feeling Guilt About Unemployment?

Setting My Own Rules for The 75 Hard Challenge & Making a Commitment

One of  the many things that I struggle with it is weight loss.  I have SO many cookbooks and books – do this and do that – conflicting information at the best of times. The diet industry is one of the more profitable industries in the world. But even after all that reading and all the knowledge, … Continue reading Setting My Own Rules for The 75 Hard Challenge & Making a Commitment

Setting Boundaries

If there is one thing that I find incredibly difficult it is setting boundaries with people. Second to that is properly expressing my feelings when they are hurt. I am a HIGHLY sensitive human. Sensitive to the point that something that happened months ago can boil up and hurt me at an unsuspecting time. I … Continue reading Setting Boundaries

Bigger or Better: Trading a Mint Condition Rolling Stone Grateful Dead Magazine.

I am looking to trade my limited edition mint condition Rolling Stone Magazine for something bigger or better? What do you want to trade me?

Acting The Part To Manifest Your Life

Do you ever see the vision of yourself and then all the sudden intrinsically understand why things are not working the way you want? Like you all the sudden one day understand how destructive your habits are to your sucess?

How to Rule Your World? #grounded: 3 months later …

I am the captain of my world - it's time to step up to bat & this is how I am reshaping my mindset.

Meatless Monday: Red Curry Pizza

If you love a red curry and you love pizza - you are gonna love this mash up. Basically I take all the goodness of a red curry and make it into a pizza.  This is going to take you a hot minute to make because fresh dough - but it is so worth it.Also, … Continue reading Meatless Monday: Red Curry Pizza

How to Plan a Successful Month

Have you ever noticed how easy it is for a day to go by and you have accomplished nothing? Here are some tips and tricks to help you organize a successful month.

Meatless Monday: Quick & Easy Plant Based Food Ideas

There are so many ways to get in your vegan "fast foods" with out packing in the calories. This week on meatless Monday I want to talk about easy ways to get food in your belly without having to spend hours in the kitchen making scrumptious vegan food or taking a rip through a drive though and packing in some bad calories. 

25 Things I Miss About Being A Flight Attendant

There are days when I really miss flying. Here is a list of the things I am missing about the life.